What to Expect

What To Expect

The CMS Roofing, LLC. Process – Hail Damage

First, we complete a detailed property inspection and document the damage to your home. This is prepared using our Hail Damage Inspection Report, which outlines our inspection results in a clean and organized way. The time needed to complete your inspection varies, generally speaking about 1 hour is budgeted. This can be arranged with or without you home at the time of inspection.

Second, once the damage has been identified and documented, you file a claim with your insurance company. It’s best to inform your insurance company that you are working with CMS Roofing, LLC.; this adds credibility and validity to entire claim process.

Third, the insurance adjuster meeting is arranged. This proves to be the most important part of the entire hail damage restoration process. This meeting will determine the insurance company position on the damage, and will also initiate the financial process of your claim. Please make sure your CMS Roofing, LLC. representative is present at this appointment. Generally speaking, this process requires 1-2 hours. Again, your presence is welcomed but not required.

Fourth, we arrange a time for the material and color choice meeting. This appointment is to determine the colors and material choices to apply to your homes new exterior. Your CMS Roofing, LLC. representative will have many sample products for your review. We can even arrange to prepare a digital rendering of your proposed selections if this will help in your decision making. Once your color and material selections have been made, your project is placed on our production schedule for completion. It is best to have about 45 minutes set aside for this meeting.

Fifth, the repair and restoration process begins. This is the most exciting process for us, as we restore homes to an enhanced and beautiful condition. Prior to construction, the delivery of materials will depend on the nature of the restoration. In addition to materials, we also deliver a sanitation container for the removal of damaged materials and debris. Our highly skilled restoration teams will begin to arrive within a few days of the material delivery. You will be fully informed with a detailed plan with these dates and times.

Next is CMS Roofing, LLC. Finishing Touches™. CMS Roofing, LLC. makes sure no detail is left unfinished. When we leave your home, it’s going to look even better than it did before we arrived. We will groom every inch of your yard, making sure every inch of your landscaping is clear of debris, and every nail is secure!

Last, our Lifetime Warranty is delivered.  If there is ever a defect due to craftsmanship or workmanship provided under the contract, it is covered at no cost to the owner for as long as the home is owned. Peace of mind at last!