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Vinyl Siding – Vinyl Replacement Siding

sidingVinyl, aluminum and steel siding were developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Chances are your home and that of your neighbors are built using one of these types of siding. Of these three types, vinyl siding seems to dominate the Kentucky residential siding market for several reasons. First, it is manufactured in hundreds of colors, so finding the “perfect” color for your home is quite easy. The color is blended through the vinyl, so scuffs and or scratches are not as noticeable. Vinyl is also easily molded and modified. This allows for attractive scallops, shakes, attractive corners and various beaded designs.

CMS Roofing, LLC. is a Certified Vinyl Installer, this provides you peace of mind in knowing that your siding project will be performed with recognized standards of quality, and within strict adherence to the system and methods recognized by the vinyl siding industry. All types of siding installed by CMS Roofing, LLC. are backed by our Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty.

Aluminum and Steel Siding

Aluminum and steel siding are manufactured in lap styles as well as several embossed surface patterns. Metal siding has a factory-applied, high performance coating available in many colors. Metal siding is also galvanized for greater protection against corrosion. The rigidity of steel and aluminum siding ensures a strength that vinyl cannot match.

Cement Fiber Siding

First introduced in the American South where humidity is an issue, fiber cement is popular due to its ability to mimic the look of hardboard siding. CertainTeed™ and James Hardie™ are probably the best known manufacturers of fiber cement siding products in the United States. Fiber cement siding looks and acts like wood, but does not have the maintenance or small lifespan of wood. This makes fiber cement a very attractive option for many homeowners.

Green Siding?

Metal siding is a relatively green choice among siding options. A percentage of the metal in most new steel or aluminum siding come from recycled material and, depending on the finish coating, the siding may be recyclable when you replace it. We are continually learning about and investigating the best green options for siding and siding replacement.