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Large roofs or small, we can handle the job.

Whether you need to remove all the old shingles from your roof and replace them, or simply make necessary repairs to a few shingles or leaky valley flashing, your primary goal in any roofing project is to make the roof water tight. All other considerations should be secondary to shedding water quickly from your roof and protecting your homes interior.

At CMS Roofing, LLC., our objective is to ensure you a superior quality-finished product. Our proprietary construction processes and systems are unique, and provide you a safe, clean, and well-managed construction project from beginning to end. CMS Roofing, LLC. is abundantly insured for all components of construction and remodeling objectives.

This construction management approach is centered on our Quality and Safety Assurance Systemâ„¢. This system is designed to address and prevent potential problems before they are encountered, and ensures you a seamless construction process and client experience from start to finish.

Green Roofing?

A little known but new breed of environmentally friendly roofing products are now in development for residential uses. These shingles are being produced from blends of polymers, sawdust, rubber, vinyl and fiberglass. These blends are quite flexible, so the testing indicates their ability to withstand high winds, hail, foot traffic, and rotting and breaking. Even fire retardants and UV inhibitors are added to these unique blends. Some of these alternative shingles are being manufactured from recycled materials, such as used car tires or post industrial waste, and these new creations may be completely recyclable when their use is done. We are closely monitoring these products, and hope to begin offering them to Minnesota homeowners soon.